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Boundless Vanity

by Playboy Manbaby

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Deloria thumbnail
Deloria When I need to unwind and leave behind all of mankind, I slap this bad boy on. 10/10 would recommend for post-casual pandemic living room skanking. Favorite track: Perpetual Cowardice.
Jeremy thumbnail
Jeremy saw these guys live sandwiched between a kids in the hall reference act and a simpsons reference act. chuch Favorite track: Strangers Making Assumptions.
Corbin thumbnail
Corbin amazing record, remember when this came out, love these guys!! Favorite track: Strangers Making Assumptions.
charnel moon
charnel moon thumbnail
charnel moon High energy and funny while still having some pretty poignant messages. Definitely the best band I've ever accidentally seen. Went straight home and bought two of their albums. Hope y'all come back to the bay area! Favorite track: Anxiety Attack.
ohleollei thumbnail
ohleollei My favorite of 2018 for sure... never know what's coming. Favorite track: Strangers Making Assumptions.
Josh Phillips
Josh Phillips thumbnail
Josh Phillips Playboy Manbaby's second fantastic album this year. If you like fun punk rock that you can sing along and dance to, this album and this band are definitely for you. Favorite track: Perpetual Cowardice.
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They’re watching you They’re watching me But if you got nothing to hide Then tell me why you need Personal Privacy They can listen to your phone And watch your internet porn They know everywhere you shop They know every time you talk Big brother knows your thoughts Storing all your data Saving it for later We know everything you do But you’ll never have a clue Why we keep an eye on you
If I'm being honest I don't care about anybody but myself. And I don't want talk about anything or other person but myself. Yeah I'll try and fake some interest, act like I give a damn, but the list of folks I care about is me and that's the end. Cause I love myself. (myself) And no one else, I love myself. Woke up in the morning and was happiest to see the person in the mirror is my favorite person, me. I live a life with interests that never waver once and It doesn’t make a difference if I violate your trust You might think that I’m selfish and I might agree with you. But I never waste my time on things that help out other people too. Na na na narcissist Well they can say what they want. They can say what they please. I don’t care bout what they talkin bout If what they're talking about is me.
No one has concern for me I feel like I’m a ghost I hope the world detonates I’ll laugh when it explodes Cause I don’t care Everything inside of me is filled with hate and fear I hope that humanity will quickly disappear
I’m trying to understand the feeling I’ve got in my head Am I OK? Well I just can’t say? and it never feels right heart is racing breathing tight When will this pass? It happens so fast? An Anxiety attack never know when it’s coming back I’m on medication now and I feel just fine a productive member of society I pay all my bills on time I’ve never felt much better I feel like a brick wall I’d rather be a zombie than risk losing it all An Anxiety attack I woke up in morning and had myself a cup of black coffee Thought about how great a day it is and how happy I am to be alive You see the world is terrifying place, sure I've had my problems But that's the old me. The new me approaches life with joy and vigor and wait, what’s that feeling...
Went to Vietnam and never came all the way back worked on every motor from the movies to the track Turns out I’m a woman man well who’d a figured that I got my long hair, red nails and lipstick to match I found the woman in me If you give me any shit then you’ll be searching for your teeth I keep my guns out, where you can see em But when push comes to shove man, well I don’t need em Just because I build bikes and am tougher than sin Don’t mean I can’t be comfortable in my own skin
Compromise 02:45
No I can’t drink like I used too I pay all my bills and graduated school I like my life but it’s boring as shit I got a house and a job and relationship Thinking back on all the drugs I did Now I can’t smoke weed or drop acid I miss the days when I could get fucked up And wake up in the morning and not hate my guts (wake up in the morning and not hate my guts) I’m too young to be this dull I’m too young to be this old Everybody’s married and they’re having kids I wanna play in a band and be a piece of shit Yeah everything’s happening so damn fast The world keeps spinning as time goes past Life keeps skating it’s skating by Ya start another day and it’s already night I got million fucking things that need to get done Now that I’m old and I can’t have any fun
It’s obviously easy to be alienated When the system that controls you seems selfish and outdated Radical ideology Is a perilous path to public policy and Just because you feel disenfranchised, Doesn’t mean that you have the right solution The only possible path to progress is a transparent and rational eclectic institution Yes, Compromise, is a lot less interesting than a revolution But compromise, is the only kind of long-term rational solution The other side isn’t your enemy, Honest debate is always necessary Accurate information is essential And an us vs them mentality is always detrimental If you’re unwilling to listen to your neighbor Then don’t be shocked when they won’t listen to you Because humanity can be rational and reactionary And the choice is up to you so tell me what you wanna do?
And this time, I ain’t trying to find out, what I don’t know yet And if I’m, so caught up in desire, for some bullshit And I’ve been trying to be so Selfish and unreal Focused on my ego Angry and deceitful and this time, I ain’t focused on what I will or won’t get Financial Incarceration If it just a paycheck If it just a paycheck You think you want it, Cause you’ve been taught that You should give all your time Trade it for nickels and dimes And now I get, a little more impatient I get a little lost inside of greed And now I get, a little more frustrated When I start wanting shit that I don’t need Cuz I’m so sick of trying, but I’m trying yes I try all the time Just to quiet my mind
I’m Tired 01:49
Doing art is the only thing worth doing Leads to spiritual fulfillment and financial ruin It's seems like everyone I know doesn't know what they want It’s the paralysis of choice and overabundance of thought I've been taught to reach for mediocrity But I despise the feeling of comfortable monotony I've been taught to reach for mediocrity To focus on what’s safe instead of what I want to be I'm tired I'm tired I'm always fucking tired Too depressed and uninspired to create what I desire Honesty is hard to find in art When Honesty is supposed to be what sets us apart I find more truth in advertisements Then most of these pretentious noise rock projects I wanna work hard I wanna work on what I love But I can't stabilize my life without a cocktail of drugs I wanna work hard I wanna work on what I love But I keep wasting my life being anxious and fucked up Ego is the death of all mankind And competition is a stupid waste of time
Why can’t I find happiness Why can’t I be filled with joy and satisfied When nothing's enough to please Can’t fill the emptiness I feel inside My god I’m so dumb and shallow Still not sure what leads to perfect peace of mind I cannot survive my own thoughts I need to unwind, I must leave behind, all of mankind I’m so afraid I wish that I could leave the planet And go where Everything is gonna be fine I wake up feelin worthless Sometimes times I wake up feelin mighty fine Na na nah No I can’t help it baby Can’t fight the chemicals inside my mind I guess I should be feelin lucky So damn exuberant and full of joy I know it’s probably nothing I need to unwind, I must leave behind, all of mankind


released November 10, 2018

Recorded by Josh Medina
Mastered by Jon Weil
All songs by Playboy Manbaby

Lineup for this album:
TJ: Guitar
Chris: Bass
Dave: Trumpet
Robbie: Vocals
Chad: Drums
Austin: Sax


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Playboy Manbaby Phoenix, Arizona

TJ: Guitar
Chris: Bass
Dave: Trumpet
Robbie: Vocals
Chad: Drums

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