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Debbie From Zumba

by Playboy Manbaby

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Deloria thumbnail
Deloria That bass riff on Mulligan is absolutely FILTHY Favorite track: Mulligan.
Lanse thumbnail
Lanse These are good dudes. I bought a shirt and they sent a personalized msg, plus included a funny note with the shirt. Very few artists do that. Great live, hope to see them again soon. Favorite track: High-End Condos.
snoodboi thumbnail
snoodboi I came to Bandcamp just to buy Don't Let It Be and ended up grabbing this one too since there were only 12 copies left. You can hear how Playboy Manbaby's evolved since that album and Car On Fire is an easy 10/10 for me. Favorite track: Car On Fire.
Corbin thumbnail
Corbin Love this EP, Manbaby changing up their style a bit in this one while keeping their style unique and continuing to make great music. Favorite track: Car On Fire.
jfrain thumbnail
jfrain EVERY album by these guys is fantastic!! It is way too hard to pick a favorite song Favorite track: Car On Fire.
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Car On Fire 02:44
Everybody's dancing with a shattered spine Feel your bones they’re breaking I’m glad they’re not mine It’s a joke. Staring down the barrel of a loaded gun I don’t wanna fake it just to be someone I don’t know. Everybodies standing on an active mine I feel like I’m trapped and I cannot get out Smoke floats away from a car that’s engulfed in fire Smoke floats away from a car that’s engulfed in fire Screaming as their world is collapsing on in Try and find a route that we can drive around them Pedal to the metal it’s a mild annoyance I hope someone else remembers to report this
I wish my brain was a computer So I could tell it what to do But I waste the only little time I’ve got With my shitty attitude My mind isn't mine at least some of the time. I feel like I’d have all the answers If I could just control my mood Maybe success is just around the next corner But we all know that’s not true I’m always running out of I cant stop thinking about it Dumb struck and panicked all the time
Horses 03:29
If, I’d been a better man Think, of all the things I coulda been Everybody panic now Strung out on adderall Don’t get the cops involved God where’d I put my Keys, cause I can’t find my keys Wait I don’t own a car Now how did I get here My past remains unclear A Hellish ferris wheel And I’m stuck at the top It seems over the top But now I’m climbing off And there goes space and time I’m floating through the sky The ground comes rushing in I hope my death is quick I'm walking I'm walking here. Guilt? I’ve got no sense of guilt No I don’t feel at all This sins original My porn is digital I am invincible Dogmatic principle Shame? The only real shame Is how you cut your hair You’re gonna wear that here? Don’t know if you’re aware Watch everybody stare You’re dressed up like a I'm moving, I'm moving here. The human race is underwhelming I’m leaving it, a one star rating And if you wouldn’t mind well I’d LOVE To have a word with your manager First things first I’d like to lay things out for you And make them real clear When my friend Debbie from Zumba recommended that I try human existence Well let me tell you mister that the expectations were high And I have been disappointed And if it doesn’t already go without saying that my bill will not be paid Cause it’s a nasty brutish short affair that I could do without And are you even paying attention sir because I do not like to shout I'm talking, I'm talking here.
When we moved back to the suburbs we never thought you’d make this shitty place so cool now we’re moving back, yeah we’re coming back, we’re here to take it away from you We’re cleaning up the streets, wouldn’t you agree It’s better now, now that you can’t afford to live here Everything you loved will be made boring or die And if we call it progress no one will ask why And we need more High-end condos High-end condos You know what we need? Some more high-end condos. What was once interesting is now a tool for marketing Come on downtown, it’s safe as it can be And all the new restaurants have 35 tvs And we can finally watch our UFC in peace The housing markets rising and it’s never gonna stop And this real estate bubble, yeah it's never gonna pop
Mulligan 03:19
And everybody says that, That there’s no way around it Time to accept the outcome, our chance of hope’s about none And everybody says they, they put their pants on one leg They all do it the same way, why’d no one ever tell me And I don’t see the fun in, in hiking up a mountain No I cant get a suntan, yeah I’d much rather stay in And everybody says please, please just shut up about it But I go on about it, yes on and on about it No not today, no not today, no not today I’ve gone asleep until tomorrow And everybody says that, that it’s no use to doubt it It’s not to mess around with, there’s no alarm to sound yet I need some motivation, and nothing seems worth saving Don’t wanna talk about it don’t wanna think about it And now I feel surrounded, my eyes cannot be found Cut my tongue from my mouth, it’s fine I’m freaking out And everybody says please, please just shut up about it But I go on about it, yes on and on about it


Playboy Manbaby is:
Chris Hudson
TJ Friga
Chad Dennis
Robbie Pfeffer
David Cosme


released February 29, 2020

Recorded by Jalipaz Nelson & Josh Medina
Mixing & Mastering by Jalipaz Nelson at Audioconfusion
Production Assistant Dylan Bernbaum


all rights reserved



Playboy Manbaby Phoenix, Arizona

TJ: Guitar
Chris: Bass
Dave: Trumpet
Robbie: Vocals
Chad: Drums

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