Playboy Manbaby Phoenix, Arizona

TJ: Guitar
Chris: Bass
Dave: Trumpet
Robbie: Vocals
Chad: Drums

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Track Name: Moldy Cannoli
Moldy Cannoli

I keep my money in the palm of my hand
I got the feeling I’ll be using again
I can’t decide if I want money or friends
I killed my brother because he knows who I am

If you’re making money better make up your mind
Because you could be living off the system’s dime
If you’re making money then you’re wasting your time
Because you could be living off the system’s dime

I wake up empty with my thoughts erased
I use those pliers to pull off my face
So if you see me then try not to scream
Because this is nothing but a bad dream.

No I don’t care, if this is your apartment.
Smells like burnt hair, mixed with an Olive Garden.
Track Name: Mermaid Pterodactyl
Mermaid Pterodactyl

Got a million dollars, gonna give it away
Got a brand new car, gonna crash it today
and if the cops start coming I’m a shoot em down
You can tell my girl I don’t want her around
No, I don’t care what I said
When the sun goes down I’ll already be dead

I don’t need to listen to the voices in my head
I wanna kill the people on my television set

I don’t got time to work at minimum wage
I got a lifetime of adolescent rage
and anger is the only kind of passion that
I try to hide from people at the laundromat
Track Name: Killer High Life
Killer High Life

Cut to hyperspace, taekwondo
and kill the master race, why not though?
I sing to PETA with an alligator necktie
I told my leader that I wanna find the next guy
It’s trash, it’s garbage. I’m part of the problem
but I didn’t mean to start it
It’s a scar, it’s a scab
it’s a problem we can deal with when we get back
it’s a scam, it’s a ruse and for a monthly fee
I can make you feel used

Humiliation, intoxication.
You gotta try it it’s the new sensation

Rain dancer, move faster
We’re putting water where there shouldn't be a pasture
No problems, no sickness
I moved to Hollywood to be a new statistic
I wake up naked in a public park
I treat the pavement like a work of art
It’s a scam, it’s a ruse and for a monthly payment
I can make you feel used
Track Name: Troll Dog
Troll Dog

I got my light fixed, by the front door
Now I can tell that you’re the stupid fucking landlord
I keep my knife fixed, on your fat throat
So I can get even when you try and use the back porch

I’m so impatient, I missed a payment
I’m moving in cause the house says vacant.

I got my neck tat, I got my spray tan
I got a daughter who don't know who I am
I got my new car, I got my slim-fast
I got to compensate for all the things I lac
Track Name: Ham Hammer
Ham Hammer

I drive a stick shift, no wait I don’t how to
Come in the back door, because I know my neighbor
At least I get her paper, I mean I stole her paper
I’m at the Quicktrip, I try to figure out
I try to figure out who’s been sneaking in my bathroom

You don’t have to do it but I really think you oughta
Cause I won’t waste my time on a stupid mother fucker

I’m on the 6th floor, I ride the elevator
Well I could walk but hey you’re
always tryin to make your, day a little harder
But me I’m not a martyr, or an early starter

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