Don't Let It Be

by Playboy Manbaby

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Societies in the gutter man it’s really in the pits. Wouldn’t the world be better without those undesirable bits? And finally everybody will look and think like me. Yeah, finally everybody lives in perfect harmony. You can be a fascist too. You can be a fascist too. We don’t need those people with alternative ideas. No, we don’t need those people with their different perspectives. I’m tired of thinking that anyone could think that I am wrong. I wish that they would go away, I wish that they were gone. Now what do you say to those people, when you see them in the streets? With their different hair and ideas, their different things that they do. Well, you walk right up to them, you point at them, and you tell em. What do you tell them? Imma tell you what you tell em. I am right. I am correct. If you disagree with me I’ll get really upset.
The situation, The situation is changing I see if it shifting and shaking I keep my eyes glazed over with the static from the screen All I hear is silence as I watch them scream and as their hopes keep rattling on down the stairs Assure them softly that nobody cares Why you wanna be the ,last one, standing we always fighting cause the war is never ending as the last one, standing we take for granted all the things that we’ve been handed aww, yeah gonna shoot ta miss gonna shoot to miss gonna shoot to miss a right now now uh, good god ain’t got it but I gotta get it Oh no I can’t take it My mind it keeps racing Oh no I can’t take it My spirit keeps breakin
I guess it’s not over till it’s over I’m bored broke and sober ladadada life goes on I think I probably have a kidney stone I’m guessing from the stress or salt man, I don’t know empathys a bitch and I’m so sick of his shit I lead a life without a purpose or direction I knew the answer but you never asked the question ~~~ I don’t need it, you don’t want it. I got a problem and ain’t never gonna solve it. ~~~ God dresses drag and he wears it well I love his taste cause it’s tacky as fuck in hell I mean for real with this motel carpet? Feeling like I’m at a midwestern flea market it’s a matter of opinion, that’s a matter of fact I got the only kind of hatred that I bottle up inside me till my spinal cord snaps ~~~ I don’t wanna be a father I don’t wanna be an astronaut I don’t wanna be a military hero I don’t wanna be anything that I’m not
Cadillac Car 03:19
I woke up Thursday about 1 or 2 I don’t got anything got anything to do I wanna brush my teeth, I need information Turn on the TV and radio station The world’s fucked ain’t nothing left for me Strung out on fast-food, cigarettes, amphetamines I think today I’ll wear tight white dress Throw my hair in a tight perm press ~~~ I wanna Cadillac car A new hair do I wanna go to work and tell my boss, fuck you ~~~ I don’t like anything that anyone is telling me They say it’s bad to have more than 3 felonies I got pulled over with 2 hookers and a pound of weed I don’t look sober, don’t look sober’s what they’re telling me I shot a man cause he looked at me wrong I feel indifferent as I have all along I shot a man cause he looked at me wrong I told a bunch of fucking lies in this song
I hate myself and never learned my lesson I had some friends I don’t know where I left them So since I’m never coming back to check I wanna leave it in a burning wreck I wake up sober and I plead for death My thoughts worth nothing but a couple cents I wanna quit it all and be worth less Maybe I’m stupid or I’m just depressed. ~~~ I can’t breath I can’t talk My mind needs To just stop ~~~ I left the money on the bedside table. I won’t recover I don’t think I’m able. Since I never even cashed the check I think I’ll overdraft and act impressed My body hates me and my mind's a wreck The only exit is an early death I never showed up cause I never left. The only exit is an early death.
Cheap Wine 02:25
now lemme tell you something about myself that I think that you should know darling cause it ain’t all peaches and cream hell I can’t even keep my apartment clean I left a cigarette on my couch So it lit the couch and burned down my house I drink a beer that was like 6 days old got to the bottom and it was filled with mold I overdrafted on my bank account Couldn’t pay my rent and so they kicked me out I’m really shitty as my own adult But it’s all OK because it’s not my fault Girl I promise if you ain’t looking to leave I’ll never change my ways but you’re all that I need I wrecked my car cause I was on my phone Dropped out of school because I’d never go I think I’ll get another credit card Spending other people’s money isn’t very hard I swear to god I’m gonna get a job As soon as someone pays me for slacking off I’m really shitty as my own adult But it’s all OK because it’s not my fault
Popular 01:22
You’re so fucking pretty on the internet Maybe you should tell em bout your student debt We don’t got the money left to feed ourselves Giving up our physical and mental health I can’t wait until we’re all irrelevant The kids will treat us shitty and we’ll rot for it Live it up today because there’s nothing left Dig a fucking grave to put our common sense I wanna be popular, I want everyone to know my name I wanna be popular, I will enjoy success and fame You wanna be a celebrity Have your asshole shaved on live TV You’re fucking nothing when you get offline stare at your phone until you end up fucking blind I don’t wanna be a hashtag Have total strangers tell me I’m a fag I’m sick of living in a black hole Beg for acceptance from people I don’t know
Time is the devil and he’s dressed up in a red suit He’s got his nine millimeter pointed at you You never thought that it would end this way You watch the bullet walking through your face ~~~ I said patience, my friend You’re getting tired but it’s all about to end I said patience, my friend You’re getting tired but it’s all about to end ~~~ My pain’s a joke but the humor’s dark I’ll light the world with a single spark You can’t retire and you mean no harm My hands are bleeding on this family farm As my bleach blonde master burns like Joan of Arc No, I can’t find a reason why the room went dark ~~~ I’m so affluent, it must mean I’m intelligent
Orprichniki 02:06
It isn’t always so simple nowadays. When there’s a hundred different versions of the truth It’s a brand new revelation, it’s a thing that you can follow now Everybody open up their checkbooks, you can do it and I can show you how. Act like you’re not an animal Preying on all the weak and lonely Taking pills so I can sleep at night, I’m Taking pills so I can wake up early too The melting faces on a future highway This type of panic always makes me think of you
The world tastes better when it’s doused in salt I got a lot of free time since I killed my boss and I won’t stop driving until I end up lost and I won’t stop talking until I piss you off So maybe it’s a problem that you’re having with me and maybe you’re the problem and I want you to leave Or maybe I’ve got nothing, you can have it for free I don’t hate the world I hate humanity. ~~~ I see what you’re trying what you’re trying to be I see what you’re saying what you’re saying is Nothing at all. Nothing at all. ~~~ I think you’re such an asshole and you’re wasting your life I know that you’re an asshole because you’re leaving your wife. I hope when you move away you never come back Have fun with your cocaine and your bottle of jack The world is dumb and ugly it’s a fucked up place I could write it off to just an honest mistake I don’t think you’re stupid I just think it’s a waste. All I ever wanted was a sorry or thanks.
White Jesus 02:21
I wanna worship straight American Jesus Who looks like we does And hates foreigners too. I wanna worship, clean white Jesus Who only speaks English And hates blacks and Jews. ~~~ God quit his job today He’s sick and tired of the human race God quit his job today He doesn’t wanna have to learn your names God quit his job today He doesn’t listen when you try and pray God quit his job today He wants to watch the world filled with flames ~~~ Noone wants to save your soul Noones sad to see you go There is no fucking judgment day When you die you just decay Live your life don’t be a dick Smoke a million cigarettes Be a vegan do crossfit Jesus doesn’t give a shit Don’t waste your life in fantasy


Album Recorded and mixed by Eamon Ford in Phoenix AZ


released February 25, 2017

Lineup for this album:
TJ: Guitar
Chris: Bass
Dave: Trumpet
Robbie: Vocals
Chad: Drums
Austin: Sax


all rights reserved



Playboy Manbaby Phoenix, Arizona

TJ: Guitar
Chris: Bass
Dave: Trumpet
Robbie: Vocals
Chad: Drums

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